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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Citation D'amour

i realy like Quotes or what can i call it in French "citation", so, i searched for it in the net and i found sooooo many "citation"..of love, friendship, work, life, childhood..etc..
i made my collection on my PC. and started to translat the "citation" to English and Arabic..cuz its already in french.
i translated them without useing my dictionary, i hope you will like it cuz i realy liked what i found...so have fun..

Citation d'amour = Love quotes

Chaque étoile que tu vois est un baiser que je t'envoie !

كل نجمة تراها هي قبله ارسلها اليك!

Every star you see it, it's a kiss for you I send it!

* * *

Si j'avais le choix entre toi et la vie, je te choisirais car tu es ma seule raison de vivre !

اذا كان لي ان اختار بينك والحياة، اختارك انت لانك سببي الوحيد للعيش!

If I could choose between you and life, I select you because you are my only reason to live!

* * *

Si tu étais une de mes larmes je ne pleurerai jamais par peur de te perdre !

لو كنت انت دمعة من دموعي فلن ابكي ابدا خوفا من ان افقدك..

If you were one of my teardrops, i will ever cry cuz i'n a fraid of losing you
* * *

Parmis les fleurs j'ai choisi la rose, parmis les coeurs j'ai choisit le tien

من بين كل الورود، اخترت زهرة، من بين كل القلوب اخترت قلبك..

From all of the flowers i chose the rose, and from all of the heast i chose yours.

* * *
Chaque jour je t’aime davantage, aujourd’hui plus qu’hier mais bien moins que demain.
كل يوم احبك اكثر، اليوم اكثر من امس، لكن بالطبع اقل من غد
Every day i'm loving you more than yesterday. and ofcours less than tomorrow..