Micho En Francais Et Englais

Saturday, October 28, 2006

What a week!!

the last week was so hard, for me or for the situation in Iraq, i won't talk about the situation here cuz i'm sick of it. every night when i go to my room and try to sleep, i always think that my sister will follow me and lay on her bed, we talk, laugh, or listinning to some music then sleep, and i will wake up next morning and see her sleeping on her bed, all the last week i kept thinking on this way, we have a lovely room, we spent a realy good time together...but i know so well that she will not follow me ths time, i know she is not here, and when i will wake up i won't see her on her bed, sooo i decided to be more factual, and take the radio to listen to some music, i choose Somer FM, the first song was "viva forever-spice girls" then "bryen adams-please forgive me", '' enrique- number one" , and all the songs that my sister and I like so much and remind us of each other....i couldn't help my self and i cried, cried, cried, in the dark and no one can hear me....Sis i realy miss you so much, i don't know why i felt it this week more than the lasts day after you go to U S ...

i'm not sad and don't want you to be, but that's my feeling, and when i remember that you made one of your dreams came true..i feel sooo good and smile, then i wish you a good night and sleep in peace...

Miss you so much

Monday, October 23, 2006

Salut tout le monds,
je suis Micho, c'est ca mon premier post sur ce blog, je le fais pour ecrire seulement en Francais ou en Englais...pour pratiquer bien les deux langue..
Joyeux Fete...